Can I Turn Off 4G on iPhone 5?

The Apple iPhone 5 uses the 4G LTE standard for data transfer over the Internet to transfer files quickly. The only problems with this feature are that it tends to consume limited data plans quickly and it consumes battery power at an alarming rate. If you use the iPhone to keep in touch with your clients and employees, you probably want to conserve the battery. Turning off 4G on the iPhone 5 takes just a few seconds. You won't lose Internet access because the phone connects using the slower 3G standard.


Tap "Settings" on the iPhone's home screen to open the Settings screen.


Tap "General" and then tap "Cellular" to view the cellular settings.


Slide the "Enable LTE" slider to "Off" to turn off the 4G LTE feature.


  • To turn on the feature, slide the "Enable LTE" slider to "On."
  • If you're on the edge of 4G LTE coverage, using the 4G LTE feature provides almost no benefits.
  • LTE stands for "long-term evolution."



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