How to Connect to Wi-Fi on an iPad Manually

Your iPad will automatically connect to wireless networks it recognizes, such as your home or company network. However, changing or accessing a new network will require you to connect manually. Whether it is an open network that broadcasts its presence and network name or a closed network that doesn't advertise its presence, you can create a connection by going into the Wi-Fi section of your iPad's Settings.

Open Networks


急速PC28彩票Tap "Settings" on your home screen, and then tap "Wi-Fi" from the Settings menu.


急速PC28彩票Locate the Wi-Fi network you wish to join from the list of wireless networks your iPad displays.


急速PC28彩票Tap the name of the wireless network to which you want to connect, type your password into the dialog box that pops up and then tap the "Join" button.

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Closed Networks

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Tap "Settings" on your home screen, and then tap "Wi-Fi" from the Settings menu.


急速PC28彩票Tap "Other" at the bottom of the list of wireless networks


急速PC28彩票Type the name of the closed network you want to join and its password into the dialog box that pops up.


Tap the "Join" button.


  • When you are joining a closed wireless network, you need to make sure that you enter its exact name. If the name you enter doesn't match the closed network's name exactly, then the connection attempt will fail.


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